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Are you thinking about going on a hiking trip?  Or do you already have a hiking location planned for the near future?  Here are some important hiking tips you should keep in mind as you prepare to embark on a new journey through the wonders of Mother Nature.



If you’ll be hiking for an extended period of time, be sure to tell people close to you such as family and friends, and let them know where you will be going.  If possible, it’s always good to have a means of communication from the outside world such as a cell phone in case of emergencies, as you never know when you may need it.  A cell signal may not always be possible, but it’s still a good precaution to take.



Prepare for the amount of time you plan to hike.  If this is your first time hiking, be sure that you’re aware of the distance that the location may involve, as some can take several hours one way alone.  Ensure that your trip will work out within the time frame that you’re prepared for, whether it’s just an afternoon hike, or one that is much longer.


Hiking with a buddy or flying solo?

Will you be hiking with a friend, or do you prefer to go at it alone?  This can depend on your personal preference, but you should always keep in mind that hiking solo can be more dangerous should something happen to you, since there is no one to help you in a time of crisis.  If this concerns you, or if you find it may get lonely on your own, then a partnership would be the best way to go.


Preparation and Technique:

Plan your hiking trip based on your experience or starting level.  If this is your first time, or if you’re only used to taking small jaunts here and there, then it wouldn’t be wise to go on a day long journey through the great outdoors.  Always remember to start out at a slower pace that you are comfortable with, and choose locations that you’re more familiar with, and with which you are easily able to find your way back should you decide it would be soon time to call it a day.  If your city or town have nearby nature trails or parks, you should certainly take advantage of those.  Local nature trails are great for gaining experience and can still give you a great sense of appreciation for the outdoors.  You will usually find benches in places like these which are great should you decide to rest up for a few minutes.

Remember to not take on too much when you ‘re first starting out!  Just have fun and enjoy the surroundings and wonders of nature regardless of your experience level .  After all, you’re not trying to impress anyone!  Even if you are, you could do much better with more experience and preparation behind you!



Always remember to pack appropriate clothes for your trip and make sure you have enough to stay warm depending on the season.  It’s easy to underestimate the temperature when first starting out, so it’s good to be prepared just in case.  In addition to having the proper clothes, it is vital that your hiking gear include comfortable footwear since you will be going on a long trip which will take a toll on your feet.   Boots will support your ankles and better protect you from all sorts of walking conditions.  You should at least have hiking shoes or boots that have a good grip and good ankle support to deal with uneven terrain.  It is also very important that the footwear you choose is comfortable.  With that said, choosing the right socks to wear can have a major impact on comfort as well as protect you from blisters.

Hiking Poles:

To some people, hiking poles may come across as a bit silly, or perhaps only for older folks, however, this is simply not true.  They can do wonders for your back when climbing hills, and when you are coming back down, they are great for helping your knees.


Don’t forget your Compass!

A compass can be one of, if not, the most important tool to bring when you’re scaling the wilderness, so always make sure you have one!  Everything can look the same after a while, and without one, it can be extremely difficult to navigate your way back from where you came from.


Food for the Hike:

If you plan to go on a long trek, remember to bring plenty of water and enough food to keep your strength and energy up.  Stock up on protein bars, sandwiches, or anything that can help you keep your energy level up.


Always Remember…..

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself, and you’ll have a much better experience on your adventure if you keep these hiking tips in mind. Never go hiking without being prepared or do more than you can handle, and always know your limits!  Start off slow with easier nature walks, and then gradually build up from there.  Remember, you can always do more next time!










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