Health and Fitness – Dealing with Fatigue


Throughout our busy day to day lives, we often encounter many obstacles and challenges that life throws our way.  These can affect people in different ways, particularly when it comes to maintaining their own health and fitness goals. Even the most energetic and intense people out there can sometimes find themselves in a mental or physical slump causing fatigue.  Things such as working long hours and lack of sleep can be major contributors of fatigue which can easily cause you to veer off track, in turn, making it harder to get back on that track.

But all hope is not lost!  While this is certainly easier said than done, this can actually be a positive challenge and opportunity for someone to face adversity that is often so hard to overcome.  Again, it’s not easy by any means, but not hopeless either.

It’s human nature to have downtime, and that’s not always a bad thing as we all need to break away and take it easy once in a while, particularly if this is not something you normally do.  But if your life situation tends to be dragging you into a state of fatigue on a regular basis, then it’s time to address this for the sake of your health and well being.

It’s critical to stay on top of these things no matter how much life can be a burden.  There are many different solutions and ways to go about this, such as dietary supplements or speaking with a doctor, but besides that, it really needs to start with you.  There are many things that can contribute to fatigue, but changing the way you think can play a huge part in guiding yourself down the right path.  By changing your attitude when facing fatigue, it can open your mind to addressing these situations.  It doesn’t have to be much, just taking baby steps in the beginning to try and see some noticeable improvements.  Over time, you should notice improvements in the way you feel and overall state of being with renewed interest in your life and more motivation. Taking a little time out of your day to go for a walk can definitely be a great start, or even putting more effort towards setting aside the things that normally consume your mind.  This way, when you go back, you can approach things with better focus and clarity.

If you are typically the hardcore gym type struggling to balance life’s challenges with what may have once been a vigorous workout routine, this can be particularly challenging, especially mentally, knowing what you have been capable of before, yet no longer feeling the inspiration. The truth is, no one will judge you when making a return to the place that gives you that sense of inspiration, whether it’s a gym or another place or establishment that motivates and inspires your efforts to the max.  Don’t allow it to get you down by bringing down your ego with it.  Take some time, even just a little time starting back, to increase your activity with the mindset of knowing that anything you are doing now is only going to benefit you in the days and weeks ahead, and as you move forward, the results of this effort will strengthen your desire and hunger for even more.  Gradually over time, you will reach a level that you are either happy with, or you may have a desire to go even further than expected. The choice will be up to you at that point, but that is something you will know when the time comes.

Remember not to get too carried away with your expectations, or you may very well end up just not doing anything in order to get there, and after all, getting past the fatigue and back in the game is the first major hurdle to overcome here.  Just remember that everyone is different, so take steps that will work and feel right for you even if they may not seem that impressive to you at first.  Gradually, as you climb that ladder, you will feel more inspired and motivated to do more, and you will still benefit physically and mentally as a result of the efforts that you do make, both large and small.

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