Avoiding a Lack of Fitness Motivation Like the Plague

Watch for pitfalls logo2It’s no secret that finding and maintaining fitness motivation for many people can be difficult, even in cases where they know what they want, what goals they have, and what they “should” be doing.  There can be many different reasons for this, such as when a person becomes complacent after falling into a daily habit or ritual which primarily includes more enjoyable or laid back things that are considered more fun or relaxing, rather than working out, or doing more active things that can contribute to staying fit.

There are also many cases where people will be in a training routine for a while but then get away from it, either because the novelty wore off or the gym membership expired and they will wait to renew it later. For the latter, that can be understandable, particularly if one is not able to afford it at the time, but in which case an alternative fitness plan should be arranged, at least for a while until things change.

Regardless of the situation, the point needs to really be stressed that any motivation should not be relied strictly on the mere adrenaline rush or occasional burst of energy, but rather, it should be based on a consistent lifestyle choice embedded in one’s mind as being a normal part of everyday life. Even if you don’t do a heavy workout each and every day, the point is to always allow time in your schedule for your fitness routines, large or small, or regular simple activities such as walking, the same way you fit your morning coffee into your daily cycle.  By waking up every day with the right mindset and understanding of what you need to do, this will help you be consistent with your goals and make it harder to turn the other way once it becomes part of your daily norm.  Sure, it is not easy for everyone, but if you take the time to understand why your fitness goals are important to you, as well as the overall benefits they will bring, this help greatly in establishing more motivation towards achieving those goals.

Remember that staying fit doesn’t have to be a chore, and can actually be a lot of fun once you get on the right track.  This fact alone can be encouraging and motivating for you to want to at least reap the benefits that this can bring you along with knowing that your guilty conscience for slacking will be overcome with a new sense of commitment to yourself and revitalized self esteem. Don’t allow your health to take a back seat to everything else!  Being physically fit doesn’t have to be a chore and being on top of it can be rewarding and fun if you allow it to be.  Just don’t allow the “lack of motivation plague” take over your life.  If you think you need to be doing more for yourself, then take the wheel and make it happen.  You will thank yourself later, and you will probably enjoy your morning coffee routine a lot more!

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